eManong-ph: A Platform for the Exchange of Services of Skilled Filipino Workers


  • Zhandro H. Cayabyab


eManong-Ph, exchange serive


The employment rate in the Philippines increased to 94.94 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018, but a substantial percentage of it was from the white-collar job sector. Blue-collared job seekers have minimal means of finding work, especially online. The present study is descriptive research that utilized observation and interview as procedures for gathering preliminary information relevant to project management. Respondent’s answers will be tabulated to develop the platform needed and most suitable to fit its purpose. Based on the data gathered and survey conducted with 50 households and 50 blue-collared respondents, there was a considerable mismatch between the number of job opportunities and services needed in the area. The system could help both job seekers, and clients widened their choices through eManong-ph. Overall, the system feedback was satisfying as it met the objectives of the research. The respondents felt that the proposed system by the researcher was relevant and would be useful if used as a platform in looking and seeking services. Most of them thought that the process of looking for employment or services would be more efficient and more convenient. The user interface was excellent and easy to follow. There is no need for training or any computer-related knowledge as the system was user-friendly. The respondents assessed the developed system in terms of Functionality, Usability, Portability, and Reliability. The data show that this system was “Highly Acceptable” in terms of Functionality with a total mean response of 4.63. In terms of Usability, an overall mean of 4.7 was derived from the respondents as “Highly Acceptable.” In addition, in terms of Portability, the developed system was “Highly Acceptable” with a total mean response of 4.7. It also showed that in terms of Reliability, the system was “Moderately Acceptable” with a mean of 4.4. Collating the results obtained for each evaluation criteria, an overall mean response of 4.61 or “Highly Acceptable” justifying it as a functional, usable, portable, and reliable platform for finding of skilled Filipino worker. Based on the results, the researcher concluded that there is a considerable mismatch between the demand and supply of jobs in the same area and the system receives highly acceptable in terms of Portability due to support of the vast majority of devices.