Good Governance: Strengthening Performance and Accountability


  • Rock Bryan B. Matias


good governance, accountability, performance


Corporate governance has been a broad topic that contributes to the growth of the economy and societal development. Good governance revolves in the management of a business in terms of transparency, participation, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of plans, and the rule of law that is carried out by the top management or the board of directors. The study wants to investigate empirical evidence between good governance and firm performance and accountability. The researcher will make use of a qualitative approach of research design through gathering secondary data, literature, and journal studies that will be synthesized to have an in-depth understanding of the existing phenomenon. The researcher believes that participatory leadership, setting goals, key performance indicator (KPI), and proper evaluation of plans will help for the growth and sustainability of once enterprise or firm. Hence, it is essential to make appropriate governance that will enrich not just the capabilities of the employees, but it is also making the business grow and able to compete in the fast-changing faces of the corporate world.