An Analysis of the Performance of Conciliator-Mediators at the National Labor Relations Commission-National Capital Region: A Basis for a Process Improvement


  • Coleen P. Lorredo


NLRC-NRC, performance


This study analyzed the performance of the Conciliator-Mediators in National Labor Relations Commission as a basis for program improvement. It aimed to learn about the level of expertise of the Conciliator-Mediators in terms of capacity, capability, commitment, coordination, and process. Part of the study sought to validate a significant relationship between the level of the expertise and the profile of the respondents (Age, Gender, Education, Position, and Tenure). It also looked at the performance of the Conciliator-Mediators for the past five years. An empirical study was conducted through the utilization of mixed research design to establish a descriptive correlational study in particular. Survey method, interview, and documents analysis (performance for the past five years) were used to validate the result of the findings. Based on the findings, the Conciliator-Mediators’ level of expertise were below par or not fully 100%. It achieved a Moderate Level score, which meant it only showcased 75% knowledge and experience in terms of facilitating conciliation and mediation. The requesting parties (those who filed the complaint) also gave the Conciliator-Mediators the same level, which was Moderate. Data gathered, which represented the past five years,did show that cases settled immediately had an average of only 40%, whereas for cases referred to Compulsory Arbitration had 49%. With regards to whether the level of expertise had a significant relationship with the profile of the respondents, results showed that the Age, Gender, and Tenure had no significant relationship with the level of expertise. However, Education affected the capacity, capability, and commitment, while Position had a significant relationship with capacity, capability, commitment, and coordination. After the aforementioned findings, the following was recommended: a) The Commission must conduct a Revalida for all the current Conciliator-Mediators to be able to gauge the level of understanding of each in terms of the processes in facilitating conciliation-mediation and to be able to identify the areas that need to be improved so mentoring sessions or trainings will be conducted if needed; b) NLRC must organize meetings at least twice a month for the Conciliator-Mediators to discuss/share their experiences or issues they encountered during the conciliation-mediation then try to come up with solutions in order to resolve such issues; c) Come up with incentives to motivate the Conciliator-Mediators to perform such work; d) Further improve the qualifications when identifying additional Conciliator-Mediators; e) Utilize those Conciliator-Mediators with LLB degree or those who has the Position of Labor Arbiter Associate to mentor or train junior Conciliator-Mediators.