The Effectiveness of Business Wealth Investment


  • Gerwin M. Ortega


effectiveness, business, investment, human resource, management, business capacity, business profile, business intelligence, customer satisfaction, economy, wealth, aspect of effectiveness.


This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of Business Wealth Investment in terms of its Capacity, Profile, and Management. Specifically, this study endeavored to determine the respondents’ profile, assessment on the aspects of the effectiveness of business wealth investment, and a significant difference in their assessment. Data sets in this study were drawn from 120 business people/investors selected based on knowledge, connection, and judgment of the researcher in all businesses/investors from the National Capital Region. The instrument used was a structured questionnaire, applying the Likert scale to quantify the level of effectiveness. The study found that majority respondents were sole proprietors, operating for more than five years, engaged in food and beverage business, aiming to improve customer satisfaction, and inaugurated with below P100,000 initial capital. The respondents assessed the following aspects to be “Very Effective”: selecting a suitable human resource, operating under a stable economy, and maintaining business intelligence. There was no significant difference between the respondents’ assessment on the effectiveness of business wealth investment when grouped according to their profile. When you put the right people, you will get the right result. But a volatile economy will create high uncertainty, increase risks, and make investors wary. Hence, information is power, creating the need for business intelligence. Based on the findings of the study, human resource, stability of the economy, and business intelligence were effective aspects of business wealth investment. In line with this, the regular evaluation process of the competency profile of all employees with university system of employee training and development, PEST and SWOT analysis for informed business portfolio diversification, and development of key performance indicators with reliable business intelligence software were the keys to achieving business goals –the measure of effectiveness.