How Process Improvement Leaders Contribute in Achieving Effective Corporate Governance


  • John Gilbert Garcia, MBA


corporate governance, process improvement, public documents, direct correlation


Corporate governance is a crucial focus of most, if not all, organizations to survive the competitive market. Since corporate governance revolves in promoting balanced and transparent policies and procedures, it now becomes the main driver to sustain long-term partnerships with customers, employees, and other key stakeholders. Corporate governance highlights not just the culture of transparency and integrity but also how the organization delivers the highest form of standards and practices in which the leadership team plays a vital role in driving better strategic plans that will create room for innovation through the improvement of process metrics and performance. The objective now is to understand how leaders, mainly, process improvement leaders contribute in translating the corporate governance, that is also aligned on company’s mission and vision can be put into action and be able to build the right culture across the organization. The researcher will be utilizing the existing public documents from his own organization, including practices in other Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Services organizations, that will give insights on how these leaders support the overall corporate governance objectives. This will also validate how the programs being implemented and rolled out by process improvement leaders have a direct correlation and strong support to the company’s corporate governance.