The Entrepreneurial Characteristics of Business College Students in the Industrial Revolution 4.0


  • Eduardo C. Delgado, Jr.


entrepreneur, personal entrepreneurial characteristics, business students, industrial revolution 4.0


In the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, entrepreneurship is vital in driving the economy of every country, and it should be fully-developed in college, particularly among business students. This study examined the personal entrepreneurial characteristics of 310 business students from four colleges and universities in Bukidnon using descriptive survey method. Majority of the respondents were female and had no experience in venturing business. Researcher-made questionnaires underwent validation and were used as data gathering tools. Data were computed using SPSS and analyzed using the 2-tailed test and Pearson product-moment correlation (r). Findings show that there is a significant difference in the dimension of achievement cluster, planning cluster, and power cluster. Significant differences were found in the variables of risk-taking and innovative business practice, opportunity seeking, and self-confidence, which are sub-dimensions of achievement cluster. There was a significant difference between the goals, objectives setting, and information seeking on the planning cluster. There is also a considerable difference between persuasion, networking, and self-confidence in a power cluster. The result implies that taking business program does not guarantee that graduates are equipped with personal entrepreneurial characteristics as possessed by a creative and innovative entrepreneur necessary in the fourth industrial revolution.