Online Bills Payment Services for the Employees in Metro Manila


  • Joseph Andres C. Gallandez


online bill payment, PUP, MBA


The study aimed to evaluate the benefits of online bills payment services to the employees of Metro Manila. The quantitative method of research was utilized. The respondents were 392 employees of Metro Manila who are using online bills payment services. A survey questionnaire was the main tool used in this study. Frequency of distribution, Percentages, Weighted Mean, One-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), t-test, and Ranking were utilized in performing the statistical necessity of the study. Majority of the respondents are in the age bracket of 24-29 years old, female, single, college degree holder, with an average monthly salary of P 21,000 to P 30,000, working as a rank and file employees. Most of the respondents have been using online bills payment for 1-3 years and paying 5 and more bills online. These are a group of millennial people who are more on innovation and less hassle environment. Respondents agreed that all characteristics enumerated such as security, accessibility, enrollment process, and transaction charges are highly beneficial in the usage of online bills payment. The aspects mentioned above complement each other in promoting benefits such as convenience, anytime and anywhere paying of bills online and avoidable late fees and penalties since online bills payment is posted within the same banking day. Online bills payment services are highly beneficial in terms of Security, Accessibility, Enrollment Process, and Transaction Charges.