The Internal Control on the Property and Supply Management System in the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)


  • Jowee Ann O. Santos


internal control, property and supply management


This study aimed to assess the level of effectiveness of the internal control on property and supply management system in the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). The descriptive –survey method of research was used in this study. The respondents were the officials and employees of NTC from Central Office and Regional Offices. The study used a questionnaire as the main instrument to gather data and used frequency, percentage, ranking, weighted mean, F-test, and Likert scale as statistical tools in the analysis. Most of the respondents were 51-60 years old, male, with a highest educational attainment of College Degree, served NTC for 1-5 years, assigned to Regional Office, rank and file and have 0-5 average seminars/training sessions attended. The level of effectiveness of internal control on property and supply management system of NTC as assessed by the respondents in terms of Safeguard of Assets, Accuracy, and Reliability of Accounting Data,Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations, Economic, Efficient and Effective Operations and Adherence to Management Policies were all “Effective.” There were disagreements of perceptions in the respondents’ assessment on internal control of property and supply management system of NTC when grouped according to age, number of years in NTC, and office assignment. However, when grouped according to sex, highest educational attainment, job position level, and an average number of seminars/training sessions attended, there were deemed no difference in the respondents’ perception. The researcher recommended the NTC to review and evaluate its current policies and procedures in property and supply management system to strengthen the implementation of prevention and detection plan to avoid probable loss of supplies and properties and to observe the continual improvement of the existing system. Furthermore, NTC should assess employees’ training needs to ensure the provision of sufficient seminars/training sessions and regular updates concerning rules on property and supply management to its personnel. Lastly, the researcher recommended adapting the innovation brought by information technology thru the creation of a database of all the supplies and properties, use of bar codes, and automatic computation of moving average costing of inventory.