The Impact of Financial Literacy on the Level of Stress Among Business Education Students


  • Rodolfo C. Moreno, Ph.D.


financial literacy, level of stress


This study determined the impact of financial literacy on the level of stress among business education students. The descriptive-correlational method of research was utilized to evaluate and analyze the data gathered from 326 respondents. The subject of this study was the BSBA and BSOA of the College of Business Education in North Luzon Philippines State College during the second semester, Academic Year 2017-2018. Stratified random sampling was used in the selection of sample respondents. A 5-point Likert scale questionnaire was utilized in the gathering of data. Findings of the study revealed that there is a high level of financial literacy and a moderate level of stress of the respondents. Correlation analysis reveals that a positive correlation is found between the dimension of financial records and the level of stress of the respondents. Data reveals that the regression model is Stress = 2.404 + (-.347 x Cash Management) + (.285 x Financial Records) + (.175 x Savings Plan).