The Credit Management Services of a Universal Bank in Makati City


  • Emil Mante


credit management services, universal bank, credit, 5 C’s of credit, character, collateral, capacity, capital, condition


The study aimed to assess the effectiveness of Credit Management Services of a Universal Bank in Makati City. The researcher gathered all the relevant data which were subjected to statistical treatment. As revealed, most of the borrowers of the universal bank are 41 years old and above, females, have obtained bachelor’s degrees, and have availed of personal loans. Leading loan borrowers are Rank and File employees and have more than P35,000 average monthly income. The respondents’ perception of credit management services in terms of Character, Collateral, Capacity, Capital, and Condition are effective. There are significant differences in the respondents’ assessment on the effectiveness of the credit management services of a universal bank when they are grouped by Sex. However, in terms of Age, Job Position Level, and Average Monthly Income, all aspects are significantly different. In terms of Highest Education Attainment, character and capital aspects have no significant difference. As to Frequency of Loan Availment, there was no significant difference in the aspects of character, collateral, and capacity. As such, one of the recommendations of the researcher was that the universal bank should consider giving a cap or maximum amount to be lent to the well-known personalities if it has some negative findings upon verification of information as this will also protect the borrower surviving household in the event of sudden death or disability of the loan borrower.