Vaccine Hesitancy Among Filipinos in Quezon City: Reasons and Experiences


  • Lindsay Kyle R. Gayon St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Regina Clare B. Laguda St. Mary's College Quezon City


COVID-19, Vaccine, Vaccine Hesitancy, Pandemic


COVID-19 spread to all seven continents, which experienced severe effects, including isolation and death, but it was due to the development of vaccines that somehow prevented further loss to the country. However, even when the infection rate was effectively reduced due to the additional protection provided by vaccination (Philippine Medical Association, 2021), hesitation, resistance, or anxiety about getting vaccinated still exists. This study’s population and sampling are comprised of non-vaccinated Filipino citizens based in Quezon City, and the informants are chosen through purposive sampling, where non-vaccinated participants are selected in the sample for their shared characteristics. According to the data, the Filipinos’ experiences and other influencing factors play a role in their decision to be unvaccinated citizens. Fear of side effects to existing health conditions, fear of side effects, existing health conditions, prior vaccine failure, and vaccine brand reluctance were the leading causes of Filipinos’ vaccine hesitancy. Influencing factors, including family, the media, and health professionals, are the root of everything. These unvaccinated citizens nevertheless take precautions by adhering to new standard rules. Filipino residents of Quezon City may be afraid to receive the COVID-19 vaccines, but they recognize its importance for the future. The non-vaccinated citizens still took preventive measures, such as following COVID-19 protective protocols to protect themselves from the virus. Some still opted for traditional and religious approaches to care.

Most importantly, the experiences of the unvaccinated Filipinos have driven them to be hesitant to take the vaccine. Non-vaccinated citizens claimed that vaccines had health issue implications. It gradually built distrust among the mass population, making some Filipinos hesitant towards vaccines.