Social Media: Its Impact on Family Relationships


  • Kristel Ann M. Cajayon St. Mary's College Quezon City


Social media, Family relationship, connectivity


Social media is viral and has become integral to people’s lives. It is used in social interactions, information access, and many other aspects of human life, especially in family relationships. This importance of social media leads to this study. Using a descriptive survey, it answers questions on the impact of social media on family relationships regarding communication, behavior, and time management. The research data come from the respondents, who are thirty college students at St. Mary College, Quezon City, and their parents, who answered a researcher-constructed survey questionnaire. The findings reveal that social media influences family members' behavior, especially regarding the treatment of one another. The findings also show that connecting always with the family helps provide a healthy balance between the use of social media and family relationships. This shows that the guidance of parents is vital in maintaining a healthy relationship in the family despite the growing addiction to social media. With these findings, it is recommended that students learn to be more responsible in using social media and that parents must guide their children in their social media use.