Understanding Junior High School Students’ Experience and Perception of the Pandemic after Receiving COVID-19 Vaccination


  • Joshua Clarence C. Montano St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Ahron Pocholo P. Cruz St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Justin Angelo B. De Mesa St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Ian Joseph Estanislao St. Mary's College Quezon City


Vaccine, Covid-19


Vaccination plays a vital role in improving and maintaining public health. With the rise of COVID-19 cases, researchers composed a study on the experiences and perceptions of Junior High School students after receiving their vaccines. Researchers used students' experiences to help the government and barangay officials establish better protocols. Given that many individuals are vaccinated, and COVID-19 cases are still increasing, the perception of individuals about the vaccine must be determined to imply extra precautions. The participants were interviewed using Microsoft Teams, and the researchers also asked the informants for their Vaccination Cards to check their validity status during the interview.

Informants stated that the reason for obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine is to reduce their chances of catching the virus. Having the COVID-19 vaccine provided them peace in terms of transmission. Informants anticipated that high-level lockdowns would be reduced after getting the COVID-19 vaccine and availability to face-to-face classes would continue. On the other hand, the informants' perception of the COVID-19 virus is that they were more confident that the COVID-19 vaccine would benefit them. The gathered information about students' experiences can develop the systematic vaccination distribution process.