Performance of the Graduates in the Licensure Examination for Teachers of St. Mary’s College, Quezon City


  • Dr. Gloria A. Peralta St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Dr. Archieval L. Rodriguez St. Mary's College Quezon City


Performance, documentary analysis, passing rate, delivery, curriculum


This study determined the performance of the Education graduates in the Licensure Examination for Teachers. The descriptive design was utilized to describe the performance of the Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Secondary Education graduates. This research also used documentary analysis since the study determined the LET performance of the BEED and BSED graduates who were first-timers in taking the LET. To answer specific questions raised in the statement of the problem, mean, T-test, and ANOVA were used for data analysis. The results revealed that the school’s average passing rates were higher than the National Passing Rates from 2014-2022. Thus, effective delivery of the curriculum was evident.