Understanding the Perceptions of College Students on Life During and After a Pandemic


  • Justin Joel A. San Pedro St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Carlo Adrian M. Soberano St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Tristan Aaron C. Te St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Jerome O. Fernandez St. Mary's College Quezon City


Prediction, Situation after Pandemic, Social Interaction, School


It has been observed that because of this, Filipinos can’t wait for the pandemic to end, as people began making the most out of their recent time going out after the loosening of the Covid restrictions in early November 2021. As seen by going outside and the recent news item of November 2021, things are slowly returning to normal, with people often going out with their whole family doing Christmas shopping or conducting family gatherings in different public places. The study aims to understand more about the perception of students on their life after the Covid 19 Pandemic and to be more conscious of their perspective on what the future holds for them.

The study was conducted last January 8-15, 2021. Six students were selected with purposive sampling with the criteria of being a college student. Interviews were the means of gathering information. Results reveal that each college student had an amicable life before the pandemic. The researchers better understood how college students adapted to the new normal. Each participant had acquired a skill or made a realization amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. When asked about their life before the pandemic, an observed commonality among the participants is that they would prefer the old normal to the new normal. The participants also miss the old setting of being around people, able to interact with others physically, not only through an online setting.

The study was able to help the community, for it gave way to a better understanding of the experiences and views of students on the situation during and life after the pandemic. It could be recommended to instill activities for the school that could help build bonds and relationships among students amidst the struggle of the current situation. The learning modality of face-to-face classes is necessary to have holistic development and uplift the spirit of learning among students.