A Comparative Study of the Academic Performance of Intermediate Grade Learners in a Group Study and Personalized Learning Approach


  • Kim Cyris M. Dapito St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Mary Joy B. Marin St. Mary's College Quezon City


Academic performance, personalized learning approach, group study approach, learners


Different approaches to learning have a vital role in students. Some learners prefer to study in groups where they can experience collaboration and brainstorming with their peers. Some are more comfortable when it comes to studying by themselves. It is essential to know the preferred approach of the students for the teachers to quickly accommodate what they need and what should be focused on. This research holds significance to intermediate learners, for they are involved in experiencing group study approach and personalized approach. This study was conducted to determine the difference in the academic performance of intermediate-grade students using individual (personalized) learning and group study approach. A descriptive research design was adopted utilizing a researcher-developed questionnaire. Data collected were analyzed using frequency, percentage, ranking, and weighted mean. The forty-five (45) survey respondents were learners of St. Mary's College, Quezon City, school year 2022-2023. Data analysis revealed that respondents see group study as a collaboration of a group of students learning together to improve their social skills. At the same time, the personalized approach aims to develop the learners' skills, needs, interests, and talents or more on self-assessment and self-development. The majority of the respondents prefer to study in groups. They find themselves more confident in sharing their ideas with their group mates. With this, students are encouraged to continue to engage in group work. The teachers must give more exciting and relevant group activities and continue guiding the students. At the same time, the parents need to guide their children and give them support and assistance in monitoring their learning.