Impact of Parental Involvement in Students’ Homework


  • Agnes Aso St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Maria Imakulata Gowa St. Mary's College Quezon City


Impact, Parental Involvement, Homework


Parents are often involved in their children’s education through homework which can be a powerful tool for telling parents what their child is learning. This study is focused on understanding why parents are involved in their children’s homework and what strategies they employ in the engagement process. The study used a survey questionnaire that focused on the impact of parental involvement on students’ homework issues. Survey questionnaires were distributed to the parents, students, and teachers through MS Teams and e-mail. The result reveals that parental involvement affects students’ learning. It also suggests that parents engage in students’ homework because they believe their involvement will make a positive difference and help their child’s academic performance. Parental involvement activities take many forms, from building structures for homework performance to developing student learning. The recommendations focused on the process and the outcomes of parental homework engagement offered for their children, as well as suggestions for school practices to increase the effectiveness of parental involvement in students’ homework.