Analyzing the Adjustments from Online Distance Learning toward Full Face-to-Face Learning as the Updated Learning Modality for SHS Students of SMCQC


  • Juan Lucas Antonio Buenaflor St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Ryan Arnold G. Gerardino St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Jose Antonio Miguel T. Lopez St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Lorenzo Ma. Noel D. Poresores St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Paolo Justin P. Sison St. Mary's College Quezon City


face-to-face learning, learning modalities, online distance learning, learning styles


St. Mary’s College Quezon City complies with the released DepEd Order No. 34, s. 2022 mandating all public and private schools to transition to Full Face-to-Face instruction led the researchers to conduct this study. The change in learning modality for Senior High School students has brought various considerations necessary to adjust to the new learning environment smoothly. This study will consider the adjustments made by the students from Online Distance Learning toward Face-to-Face Learning. The study operated through a quantitative approach, precisely, a descriptive design using a survey method. The study involved 80 students, with 40 students coming from Grades 11 and 12 levels selected via stratified random sampling. Data showed that students had adequate knowledge of essential announcements and were initially prepared to comply. In addition, the students considered factors that require financial or material resources rather than psychosocial and geographical factors as they transitioned toward the updated learning modality. Though highly motivated, the students found difficulty adjusting to participating in school activities and socialization and saw improved academic and daily performance.