Senior High School Students’ Purchase of Environment-Friendly Products


  • Charlene Meriam F. Dabuet St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Hannah Leah T. Posecion St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Lanz Eugene Ma. R. Constantino St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Allan Benedict M. Lorzano St. Mary's College Quezon City
  • Danil Angelo G. Divinagracia St. Mary's College Quezon City


Environment- Friendly Products, Business


The study focuses on the behaviors of the Senior High School students in St. Mary’s College, Quezon City, specifically on purchasing environment-friendly products and being aware of their being eco-friendly. The study also aims to check on awareness of companies that market products to be eco-friendly and how students can recognize greenwashing, making it difficult to determine an environment-friendly product’s benefit and authenticity. There were 60 respondents from Senior High School students of St. Mary’s College, and they were selected through stratified random sampling. SHS students consider friendly products if they use recycled products, reuse materials, reduce reliance on natural resources, and use efficient materials. The likeliness of SHS students to purchase eco-friendly products for a lower price and lower quality is most likely, while the likeliness of purchasing them for a higher price and better quality is more likely. SHS students purchase eco-friendly products sometimes. Data shows that students purchase environment-friendly products based on quality over price and check legitimacy and authenticity. Manufacturers can consider creating sustainable and eco-friendly products as young consumers can be their target market.