Paper Production of Musa Acuminata and Balbisiana (Saba) and its Effectiveness


  • Margarette Zoey Saclolo General de Jesus College
  • Mica Shieka Watabe General de Jesus College
  • Robert Charles Eugenio General de Jesus College
  • Ashley Nicole Campos General de Jesus College
  • Krisy Gen dela Cruz General de Jesus College
  • Alyssa Janelle Lapitan General de Jesus College
  • Lianne Puyat General de Jesus College


Peels, Musa Acuminata and Balbisiana (Saba), Paper, Environmental engineering


The researchers purpose is to study the banana peel as an alternative paper to explore sustainable and eco- friendly options for paper production. Bananas are a widely available fruit, and their peels are often discarded as waste. By finding a way to use banana peels to make paper, the researchers could reduce waste and potentially decrease the environmental impact of traditional paper production methods. Additionally, banana peel paper may have unique properties that could make it useful for certain applications. Overall, the purpose of the study would be to investigate the feasibility and potential benefits of using banana peels as an alternative paper source.

Peels from the Musa Acuminata and Balbisiana (Saba) plants were boiled for one and a half hours at a high temperature before being washed with tap water. The peels were put to the blender along with 700ml of water, and the mixture was mixed for one minute to produce a pulpy consistency. 200ml of water was then added to the basin to thin down the pulp after it had been placed into a cloth and swirled for five minutes. The pulp was uniformly put onto a deckle that was placed on top of the paper mold. The pulp layer was transferred to a flat surface wrapped in damp fabric when the mold was elevated to drain the water. Using a sponge, the paper's water content was lowered, and it was then compressed.

In order to reuse the paper fibers, the ink is separated from them using sodium hydroxide. The banana peel paper's hue is lightened using Zonrox. The paper made from banana peels is molded using a paper molder. Banana peel increases the strength of banana peel paper.

The researchers concluded that it is possible to produce paper out of Musa Acuminata and Balbisiana (Saba) peel using sodium hydroxide as a binding agent and a whitening formula. The number of hours and minutes spent blending the banana peels greatly affects the consistency of the mixture, and the number of hours left under the...