Challenges Faced by Selected Grade 11 LGBTQ Students in General de Jesus College


  • Irish Joyce Buenavente General de Jesus College
  • Justin Philip Franco General de Jesus College
  • Ralph Daniel Torres General de Jesus College
  • Juliana Ruby Balajadia General de Jesus College
  • Justine Kharl Viste General de Jesus College
  • Carl Wilson Closa General de Jesus College


Womens & gender, Bisexual, Challenges Faced by LGBTQ Students, Lesbian, Gay


This study aims to identify the challenges faced by LGBTQ students at General De Jesus College. The respondents faced numerous challenges and problems, but they managed all of them. The phenomenological research design was used to determine the challenges faced by selected grade 11 Students in General De Jesus College. Qualitative research will be conducted to determine whether the LGBTQ students of General de Jesus College overcome the challenges. The researchers gathered six (6) students of Grade 11 from General de Jesus College to determine how LGBTQ students face their challenges or how they face them. A Semi-structured interview was used to gather the needed information about this research. The researchers also conducted face-to-face and online interviews to understand what they feel in that situation. The respondents who participated in our study answered the difficulties and troubles they ran into. In addition, they disclosed the challenges and problems affecting the LGBTQ community. These people experience discrimination, lack of parental support, unacceptance from family, and especially bullying. This study aims to spread awareness about LGBTQ members who suffer a lot because some persons treat them equally because of their identity. Most respondents stated that as a student member of the LGBTQ.