Lived Experiences of Selected Junior High School Students of General de Jesus College Struggling Due to Parental Pressure


  • Jenina Reese Faderog General de Jesus College
  • Almira Joyce Garcia General de Jesus College
  • Almira Suzzane Mabagos General de Jesus College
  • Ma. Kriztine Dhenielle Valdez General de Jesus College
  • Venice Irish Balagtas General de Jesus College
  • Mia Divina Fritzie Zseth Capistrano General de Jesus College


Social sciences, parental pressure, struggles, anxiety


Anxiety is highly concerning these days. Parental pressure in several facets of adolescent life contributes. This research aims to better understand, give voice to, and, if necessary, address Junior High School Students who are struggling due to parental pressure and require medical attention. A qualitative research design was used for this study. The study's demographic includes male and female students at General de Jesus College. Ten students from the Junior High School Department were chosen using purposive sampling. The student's responses to parental pressure were gathered through a one-on-one interview. According to our findings, most students who experience parental pressure are under 15, and there is no significant difference between male and female pressure. It has also been shown that most students struggle with homework and tasks due to parental pressure. The majority of them had a distant relationship with their parents as a result. To cope with parental pressure, they open themselves to others. The findings of this study could be used by students, parents, teachers, and future researchers to better understand the influence of stress on students' lives and to reduce, if not eliminate, this kind of anxiety in the future.