Awareness of the Selected Grade 12 Students in Their Rights and Protection in Online Shopping


  • Lesley Manalo General de Jesus College
  • Airish Mae Tobias General de Jesus College
  • Rustom Arguelles General de Jesus College
  • Elaine Roque General de Jesus College
  • Sheine Margarette Santos General de Jesus College
  • Cheska Abelardo General de Jesus College


Risk & safety science, Online Shopping, Legal Rights, Awareness


Online shopping has become increasingly common since this generation has significantly relied on convenience and practicality. This study aims to determine the difficulties and problems faced by Grade 12 students when exercising their legal rights when shopping online. The descriptive research method was employed in the study, applying the theory of consumers’ awareness and protection in online shopping. Structured questions were used as the basis of the questionnaire to explain the data, identity, analyze and interpret the results and conclusions, and make suggestions and recommendations regarding the grade 12 awareness of their rights and protection in online shopping. Selected grade 12 students participated in this study to measure their awareness of their rights and protection in online shopping regarding product quality, delivery & logistics, payment, customer service, additional charges, and online shopping scams. The findings revealed that respondents had little knowledge and understanding of their online shopping rights and protections. The findings demonstrate the need for the respondents to gain a deeper understanding of their rights and protections in online shopping, such as their right to accurate product information, fair pricing, and the ability to make informed decisions, secure payment methods, data protection regulations, and verification of the legitimacy of online sellers. Additionally, they must be aware of dispute-resolution mechanisms and the importance of responsible digital citizenship. This knowledge is a foundation for their future as responsible consumers in an increasingly digital world.