Coping Mechanisms of Senior High School Students in General de Jesus College on the Impact of Pandemic Towards Their Well-Being


  • Zyrelle Cuenca General de Jesus College
  • Aaron Tomm Constantino General de Jesus College
  • Melissa Jade Munsayac General de Jesus College
  • Jethro Miguel Manuel General de Jesus College
  • Pia Mangalus General de Jesus College


Mental health, Well-being, Impact, Pandemic, Coping Mechanisms


The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted students' well-being, especially now that they transitioned from online learning to face-to-face learning. This study primarily aims to investigate the coping mechanisms of senior high school students of General de Jesus College on the impact of the pandemic on their well-being, specifically in their behavior, mental health, and academic performance. The descriptive method was used in this study, where respondents were asked through survey questions. This study utilized the coping mechanism theory to elaborate further on the respondents’coping' coping mechanisms on the pandemic’s impact on their well-being. Structured survey questionnaires were given to three hundred (300) senior high school students chosen through simple random sampling. The results show that the pandemic impacted the respondents' well-being, specifically in their behavior, academic performance, and behavior. Thus, they agreed that they came up with coping mechanisms to overcome the changes they were going through. These coping mechanisms were praying to God to help them cope with problems, concentrating on doing something good like cooking for family, playing online games often, and turning to homework or other substitute activities to take their mind off things. To sum up, the respondents revealed the impact of the pandemic on their mental health, which moderately affected their academic performance and behavior. However, using different coping mechanisms enabled them to handle and manage their behavior well.