Effectiveness of Natural Antacid as an Alternative for Over-The-Counter Tablets


  • Sophia Angelica Gloria General de Jesus College
  • Elaine Bernadette Lacsina General de Jesus College
  • Alyssa Mangulabnan General de Jesus College
  • Angelic Rovian Lapitan General de Jesus College
  • Jamaeca Bien Sulit General de Jesus College
  • Faith Samson General de Jesus College


Ginger, apple cider, natural antacid, Medical Education


The Researchers' purpose in this study is to evaluate the efficacy of a natural antacid as a potential alternative to commercially available over-the-counter antacid tablets. This study aims to examine whether a specific natural antacid, which could be derived from plant-based ingredients or other natural sources, can effectively alleviate symptoms associated with excess stomach acid. It may involve conducting experiments or clinical trials to compare the performance of the natural antacid against over-the-counter tablets in terms of symptom relief, duration of action, safety, and overall effectiveness. In this research paper, researchers used an experimental method to test natural antacids (ginger and apple cider vinegar) on a pH paper to find out what could be an alternative to over-the-counter tablets for acid reflux. As a result of the experiment, when the ginger mixture was mixed in the artificial stomach and tested on the pH paper, it came out that it had a pH level of 2, which is said to be equal to the pH level of over-the-counter tablets. Thus, ginger can be an alternative to over-the-counter tablets to help treat acid reflux. The results prove that the experiment was practical and proven in the tests on every natural antacid in the pH paper: ginger. It can be an alternative for treating acid reflux because it has been proven to have an equal pH level of 2.