Facebook as a Digital Marketing Strategy Among General de Jesus Senior High School Online Sellers


  • Sophia Micor General de Jesus College
  • Ashton Kirby Reyes General de Jesus College
  • Irene Mercedes Leyva General de Jesus College
  • Patricia Nicole Atang General de Jesus College
  • Aiseen Fei Basa General de Jesus College
  • Keith Gailyn Sulit General de Jesus College


Facebook, marketing strategy, Marketing


Facebook has radically altered the way the world connects. It is no longer just a social media or networking website because it has become one of the most significant advertising platforms ever. This study will determine why Facebook is the most popular marketing strategy among General de Jesus College senior high school online sellers. It also aims to know the benefits that the respondents got and the challenges they encountered using Facebook as their digital marketing strategy. The qualitative method, a phenomenological approach, was employed in this study. This study was conducted with the help of ten Online Seller Senior High students. Semi-structured interviews and audio recordings were used as the data gathering tools; to acquire all of these, face-to-face and online interviews were used to get the respondents' answers concerning the problem. Most respondents said that Facebook is the Marketing Strategy they used when selling their products. Based on the respondents, Facebook helped their products or services to be known throughout social media, leading them to have more customers. Therefore their sales also increased. However, some challenges are encountered using Facebook. Some respondents said that they experience being scammed and get a lot of new inquiries about the product, but people who inquire are not buying it. The booklet contains information on how they can effectively utilize Facebook when selling and suggestions about using other social media platforms as a marketing strategy. General de Jesus College senior high school online seller used Facebook because of its convenience. Online sellers mentioned that their products or services got exposure through Facebook, so their customers increased. But they also encountered challenges which are getting scammed and receiving a lot of inquiries without buying it. Booklet regarding Facebook being an effective marketing strategy.