The Power of Social Media Influencers Among the Senior High School Students at General de Jesus College


  • Marithea Dayao General de Jesus College
  • Ashley Tan Loraine General de Jesus College
  • Joy Azarcon General de Jesus College
  • Avelino Cabungcal General de Jesus College
  • Renz Fernando General de Jesus College
  • Zedrick Juan General de Jesus College


Marketing, Buying Intention, Buying Decision, Promoting Products


Today's generations are avid followers of social media influencers who have enormous followers and possess the power to persuade people. This study used well-founded theory and evidence to determine why social media influencers significantly influence teenagers. The study focused mainly on 219 senior high school students in General De Jesus College. Structured questions served as the basis of the survey question to explain the data, identify, analyze, and interpret the results, reach conclusions, and make suggestions and recommendations regarding the influence of social media influencers. The selected senior high school ABM, HUMSS, STEM, and strands participated in this study to perceive the power of social media influencers on the respondents' confidence in their credibility, attractiveness, likability, and purchasing intention to buy products. The results revealed that social media influencers generally highly influenced the respondents in purchasing any brands or products. This indicates this established trust and confidence within these communities and can massively boost the brand reputation and drive significant results. Finally, the results emphasize the significant influence of social media influencers in today's digital age. The results demonstrate the need for social media influencers to be well-known to consumers in any product advertising. These findings may indicate that social media influencers have the power to alter public opinion and influence consumer behavior.