The Phenomenological Study of San Isidro’s Beverages Managers Who Use Digital Marketing


  • Raven Anne Corpuz General de Jesus College
  • Dyca Francel Cardenas General de Jesus College
  • Zyrille Penales General de Jesus College
  • Ryca Angela Baldorado General de Jesus College
  • Mhaegan Wynne Tuazon General de Jesus College
  • Ashley Nicole Cagungon General de Jesus College


Digital Marketing, Marketing


Digital marketing is one of the most used strategies, such as in coffee shops or milk tea shops, as it is the known method applied today by many entrepreneurs. However, with the advancement of technology, not all businesses can keep up with the changes. Thus, struggling business owners and failing businesses appeared more in the industry. This study aims to explore the experiences regarding the reason why they use digital marketing, what platforms or techniques they use, its effects on their business operations, and advice or recommendation for digital marketing in coffee and milk tea shops. Moreover, this study determines what output may be proposed to enlighten owners/managers about other ways to use digital marketing or make them more knowledgeable. Using phenomenological design and a qualitative approach, researchers conducted a study with the help of the 12 owners/managers of coffee or milk tea shops that responded to the semi-structured interview along with the audio and written recording that the researchers prepared and conducted. This study showed that most of the participants managing their businesses were female and between the ages of 20 to 25 years of age. The managers use digital marketing for the reason that it is the trend and it attracts more customers. Specifically, social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, are widely popular techniques in using digital marketing in their respective businesses.

Moreover, when it comes to the effects of digital marketing, the participants mentioned that it is indeed a helpful tool to increase the record of daily customers and sales in one’s enterprise. Furthermore, the participants advised and recommended continuing to post their products online or advertise them using digital marketing to aspiring entrepreneurs or struggling business owners. The participants are generally females between the ages of 20 and 25. The use of digital marketing is due to it being a trend, and that it attracts customers. The impacts of digital marketing on one's business were demonstrated using Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. It specifically increases the number of clients and, as a result, their sales. The researchers came out with an infographic brochure as an output to guide and bring enterprises to another level of success with digital marketing.