Marketing Strategies of Selected Clothing Business Owners in Gapan City


  • Glenn Aicelle Vicencio General de Jesus College
  • Hannah Mae Magtuto General de Jesus College
  • Jeane Kelly Mina General de Jesus College
  • Trina Mae Gonzales General de Jesus College
  • Christian Cristobal General de Jesus College
  • Nina Ricci Palma General de Jesus College


Marketing, clothing business, Marketing Strategies


The development of clothing businesses over the years has seen a path to improvement, and it is because of those challenges that they were able to develop marketing strategies they can use. By determining their experiences of clothing business owners in Gapan City, Nueva Ecija. The study aims to identify the strategies used, the reasons behind their implementation, and how they are constructed and utilized. With the emergence of new generations, most respondents rely on promotion to sell their products. Also, A phenomenological research method was utilized to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of ten clothing business owners. This study aims to identify the marketing strategies used by clothing business owners on how they construct them. Face-to-face interviews were conducted, and audio recordings were used. The researchers used smartphones to ensure the accuracy and fidelity of the data collected. The study showed that despite changes in marketing trends, they provide high-quality products as their marketing strategies. Lastly, lowering the product’s price as their promotion strategy helps them to sell their product effectively. However, the respondents have challenges, particularly having a customer with a negative attitude. Some customers demand too much to lower the product's price, and sometimes they do not talk properly.

Moreover, many competitors selling similar products at lower prices was another problem that the clothing business encountered. On the other hand, implementing these marketing strategies increases clothing businesses' income and sales. It was revealed in this study that clothing business owners in Gapan City use marketing strategies such as promotion, providing high-quality products, and low pricing. Clothing business owners faced several challenges while developing their marketing strategies, such as customers' negative behavior and increased competition. Participants highlighted successes in using these strategies to increase their income and sales.