Depletion of Privilege: College Students’ Stance of General de Jesus College on Third-Sex Marriage Legalization


  • Kenzilu Malgapo General de Jesus College
  • Jean Carla Nerit General de Jesus College
  • Crizel Fuertez General de Jesus College
  • Ritchie Torres General de Jesus College
  • Janice Pacheco General de Jesus College


Legislation, Same-Sex Marriage Legalization, Stance, Depletion of Privilege


Same-sex marriage has been a contentious issue for a long time. Various sources, such as the household, school, peers, media, and spiritual organizations, might comprise details on same-sex unions essential to college students’ awareness of its potential legalization. This study was conducted to determine the stance of the college student respondents on whether the proposed same-sex marriage may be possibly legalized or not. The descriptive research method was utilized, applying Utilitarianism Theory, wherein two hundred (200) college students at General de Jesus College were questioned using survey questions. Hence, simple random sampling was used, in which respondents were randomly chosen and requested to participate according to their initial evaluations. The results show that the majority of respondents’ perspective are highly influenced by their religion, morality, and culture, which urged them to oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage; thus, environmental factor affects their cognitive stance positively. The findings highlight the factors such as religion, morality, and culture to the respondents regarding opposition to same-sex marriage legislation. Thus, it is evident that the respondents still uphold the value of the sanctity of marriage, that is, the union of a man and a woman alone.