All-Natural Facial Wash: Aloe vera, Calamansi, and Basil


  • Charles Gabriel dela Rosa General de Jesus College
  • Sharmaine Joy Centeno General de Jesus College
  • Yannah Pauline Cales General de Jesus College
  • Joseph Scott Bundoc General de Jesus College
  • Sharkhee Lagman General de Jesus College
  • Alyza Frances Ele General de Jesus College
  • Ma. Donalin Kyla Sebastian General de Jesus College
  • Ian Darrel Paras General de Jesus College


All-natural facial wash, Skincare, Aloe Vera, Calamansi, Basil, chemical-free, Health and Science


Skincare products, including facial wash, are essential for maintaining healthy skin. However, concerns about chemicals in skincare products have led people to seek natural alternatives. This study aims to develop an all-natural facial wash using aloe vera, calamansi, and basil to provide a safer, more sustainable option that meets consumers' needs, expectations, and standards-seeking chemical-free products. This quantitative study employed a quantitative research approach, specifically descriptive- developmental methodology. Researchers utilized two structured questionnaires, the Needs Assessment Tool and Evaluation Tool, distributed to the respondents through random sampling using printed questionnaires and online forms. Two hundred thirty-three respondents from the ABM, STEM, HUMSS, and GAS of General de Jesus College strands participated. The significant findings revealed that most respondents (93.56%, n = 218) expressed needing an all-natural, safe, budget-friendly facial wash and an alternative to chemical-based products. Also, respondents who identified the need provided recommendations for the desired product: It should be gentle, mild, safe to use while still being practical, suitable to all skin types, budget and environmentally friendly, it should be in liquid form, and it should be well prepared and packaged. The study highlights the need for an all-natural facial wash due to concerns about chemical-containing skincare products' safety, risks, or adverse effects. The proposed all-natural facial wash, aligned with consumer expectations, aims to meet the need for a safer and more sustainable skincare option by adhering to recognized certification standards for natural and organic cosmetics.