Effectiveness of Shampoo Made With Musa (Banana), Fragaria x ananassa (Strawberry), and Citrus limon(Lemon) To Prevent Dandruff and Itchy Scalp


  • Roxanne Agravante General de Jesus College
  • Ryza Sebastian General de Jesus College
  • John Andrei Custodio General de Jesus College
  • Jake Denver Esguerra General de Jesus College
  • Jheuann Jedrich Jaramilla General de Jesus College
  • King Ivan Rafael General de Jesus College
  • Jeslie Clarisse Tibus General de Jesus College


Shampoo, strawberry, banana, lemon, Health and Science


This research aims to study the advantages of shampoo made with banana, lemon, and strawberry for dandruff and itchy scalp, highlighting these ingredients' benefits. Having excellent, healthy hair has become more popular. Everybody struggles when they have dandruff. Small bits of dry skin that have flaked off to the scalp might cause the scalp to be itchy at any moment without endangering people's hair. The researcher discovered justification for starting the process of creating fruit-based shampoo. Many people, such as teenagers, must be aware of how crucial this product is to learn what can be done if they experience hair or skin issues. The primary purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of shampoo made with citrus, banana, and strawberry. This study will utilize the scientific method. The scientific method is a technique that uses testing and experimentation to determine facts objectively. The fundamental steps include making an observation, formulating a hypothesis, making a prediction, carrying out an experiment, and evaluating the outcomes. The result of the Effectiveness of strawberry, banana, and lemon to prevent dandruff and itchy scalp. Two people and two dogs were used in the study. The product was smooth and gentle on the hair. Furthermore, the researcher applied shampoo on the skin to see the effect. When shampoo is used on a person's skin, it is slippery and silky. The testing has no adverse effects on dogs and human hair, and it has a lasting aroma. The mixture of combined fruits such as strawberry, banana, and lemon is effective to lessen or prevent dandruff. When the researchers tested the shampoo on two dogs and two humans, there was no adverse effect, and it had a lasting aroma. Having fresh and natural ingredients helps the hair to be more silky. The mixture is also foamy, even if you only put it a little while using it. The scent of the mixture is long-lasting and has a natural and fresh scent.