Goosegrass Flour: An Alternative for Wheat Flour


  • Hazel Lean Escobido General de Jesus College
  • John Henrick Garces General de Jesus College
  • Marielle Nicole Garcia General de Jesus College
  • Angel Sam Francisco General de Jesus College
  • Angeline Embuscado General de Jesus College
  • Beatrice Domincel General de Jesus College
  • John Feliciano General de Jesus College
  • Katherine Eleazar General de Jesus College
  • Edison Ignacio Christian General de Jesus College
  • Gabriel Donaire General de Jesus College


Food science & engineering, Wheat Flour, Goosegrass


Flour is a finely ground powder prepared from grain or other starchy plant foods and used in baking. Since wheat is a common ingredient in flour-making, we decided to use another type of wild grass, which many people think is not edible and is just a parasite on their farm or garden, goosegrass. We made this decision because goose grass is usually seen on dump sites, road sides, farms, and anywhere else and has medicinal aspects. The purposive sampling technique, also called judgmental or expert sampling, is a type of non-probability sampling with the primary objective of producing a sample that can be logically assumed to be representative of the population. From the word itself, purposive sampling is done by purposely selecting the respondents based on their expertise. The researchers use purposeful sampling because it is the most applicable method for this study. The researchers agreed to use questionnaires over other methods to see respondents face-to-face and to facilitate an easier understanding and interpretation of the data gathered. Most respondents agreed that there is a need to produce Goosegrass flour for the market that can have medicinal traits simultaneously. Since it can be found on roadsides and backyards, it is easy to collect and manufacture that flour made from goosegrass. Aside from that, most of them want to try an alternative flour not made from wheat when it comes to baking. Overall, there is a need to produce Goosegrass flour. The researchers devised a way to manufacture flour that can substitute for existing flour made of its usual ingredient, wheat. Flour can offer a variety of traits compared to the existing ones. Goose grass is a safe, healthy, and medicated grass made into flour to provide a tasty and healthy consumption.