The Effectiveness of Using Thyme, Rosemary, and Oregano as a Perfume Repellent Spray


  • Janica Ramos General de Jesus College
  • Marvellou Cabling General de Jesus College
  • Darius Jr. Francisco General de Jesus College
  • John Michael de Luna General de Jesus College
  • Dheystynie de Vera General de Jesus College
  • Aubrey de Guzman General de Jesus College
  • John Robi Francisco General de Jesus College


Environmental health, mosquito repellent, oregano, perfume


This research comprehensively analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of using fresh thyme, rosemary, alcohol, and oregano as a perfume-repellent spray. The researchers will provide the essential parts and highlight the obstacles, problems, and errors that the researchers have encountered during the experiment. This will show how this product will benefit everyone and how the researchers can provide a better solution to solve the problem that the researchers encountered. Accepting criticism from other people will help the researchers to study hard and enhance the product even more. This will help both the researchers and the consumers to know how this product can possibly help them. In this part, the researchers will be able to show you how their product managed to help people to live their life without getting scared of going out because they have a product that they can use that can provide safety against mosquito-borne illnesses. This will show how effective this product can be. In this part, the researchers will be able to show in this paper how this product obtained the perfect prototype despite the trials and errors that the researchers encountered during the experiment. In the first trial, their first vial became watery, the second vial became less fragrant, and we learned the almost perfect prototype in the third vial. Lastly, on the final try, the researchers finally created the perfect prototype by knowing each ingredient's exact amount and measurements. The researchers concluded that combining the ingredients such as thyme, rosemary, and oregano delivered protection against mosquitoes. The perfume-based component made it easier to use because of its dual function. Because of the natural ingredients used in making the perfume, the scent tends to last more because of the natural ingredients used in making the product. Unlike the lotions sold in stores, where applying insect repellent might be difficult, this method is more accessible. The perfume was less overpowering to the nose and dissipated into a light aroma that lingered all day.