The Effectiveness of the Mosquito Repellent Hand Sanitizer


  • Siatzy dela Cruz General de Jesus College
  • Jerwin Dollesin General de Jesus College
  • Vaness de Guzman General de Jesus College
  • Althea delos Santos General de Jesus College
  • Jayronn Abad Santos General de Jesus College
  • Gio Gajasan General de Jesus College


Environmental health, Repellent, Sanitizer, Peppermint


The research study examines the viability of leaves and Peppermint leaves as mosquito-repellent hand sanitizers. The research will use the leaves of Peppermint as the independent variables for the study. It will be subjected to specific processes such as phytochemical analysis, collection of materials, preparation and variables, treatment formulation, sanitation of independent variables, identification and precise measurements, combination and molding, application of treatment, data collection, cost analysis, data analysis and interpretation to arrive at the finished product. The final output is the dependent variable which will be compared to the controlled variable, involving the mosquito repellent hand sanitizer. The researchers used the experimental type of research. Experimental Research is a comparative analysis in which you study two or more variables and observe a group under a specific condition or group experiencing different conditions. By assessing the results of this type of study, you can determine correlations between the variables applied and their effects on each group. Experimental Research provides more information when making professional decisions, which might allow you to complete better and more profitable actions. This study finds that Peppermint can repel mosquitoes and decrease the risk of possible diseases that a human can get from mosquito bites. Upon examination of the result, it was discovered that the researchers' hand sanitizer has a lot of effectiveness compared to a mosquito bite. It is still crucial to utilize a hand sanitizer that repels mosquitoes. Combining alcohol and water reduces skin irritation, while peppermint is a natural repellent.

Moreover, xanthan gum maintains the stability of the mixture while glycerin functions as a moisturizer, keeping the hands supple. As stated by Borysiewicz (2009), prevention is better than cure, and we can significantly impact the numerous afflictions that plague humanity today. Although restating the vision may seem simple, executing it has proven to be a considerably intricate and challenging undertaking.