Production of Pelton Water Turbine Generator Using Recycled Materials


  • Roaj Siemil Gutierrez General de Jesus College
  • Sho Sta. Maria General de Jesus College
  • Christian Bauto General de Jesus College
  • Daniel Kyle Maniquiz General de Jesus College


Electrical & telecommunications engineering, Recycled Pelton Turbine Generator, Recycled Generator, Water Generator


This study aims to pursue the Pelton water turbine generator as a source of electricity. This research aims to develop an alternative source of electricity during power outages in rural places and places where power outages occur most of the time. This research aims to provide insights and information about generating a Pelton water turbine generator made of recycled materials. It uses experimental methods to gather the data and information to conduct this research. Trials and errors are made in the testing to gather the essential details needed, such as testing light bulbs and measuring the dc motor’s power output using a multimeter. The outcome of the testing turned out fine. All the data that is needed was gathered and collected. The output of the dc motor averages around 5-8 voltages. The 12 volts dc motor successfully powered the 12 volts ac light bulb and a dc light bulb that is also 12 volts. Using Recycled Materials, the Pelton Water Turbine Generator demonstrates the potential to generate a range of electrical power, utilizing water flow to rotate a PVC tube-based propeller. Its output is adequate to power light bulbs in specific rural households, providing an alternative power option during power outages.