Academic Stress and Their Impact on Students’ Depression Level and Academic Performance


  • Justine Rhey Rasdas General de Jesus College
  • Angel Zachary Aquilizan General de Jesus College
  • Beatrice de Guzman General de Jesus College
  • Chelsea Ortiz General de Jesus College
  • Khen Pangilinan General de Jesus College


Education, Academic Stress, Academic Depression, Academic Performance


Today’s students are concerned about examinations and other academic stressors, such as fear of lagging in their homework, writing assignments and reports, and working on individual and group performance tasks, examinations, and quizzes. Hence, this study determines why too much school work/activities lead to academic stress and identify their current stress relievers. To carry out the study, the researchers employed the impact of academic stress on the respondents' academic performance through descriptive research methods. It focused mainly on the 90 senior high school students in General De Jesus College. Structured questions served as the basis of the survey question, which was conducted online. The selected senior high school participated in this study to perceive the impact of academic stress on their academic performance and depression. The results revealed that academic stress had a high impact on the respondents' academic performance. This indicates that academic stress may often lead to depression and can affect their physical and mental health. Hence, they felt the need to find ways to be relieved from academic stress. The findings demonstrate the need for the respondents to balance their schoolwork and other personal activities to lessen academic stress, which was found to have a moderate impact on their academic depression. Moreover, the current stress relievers of the respondents, such as getting enough sleep, listening to music, and exercising, helped them to feel relieved and unburdened whenever they experienced academic stress.