Self Perception of ABM Students’ in General de Jesus College Towards Their Academic, Social, and Emotional College Preparedness


  • Ryza Nicole Lapuz General de Jesus College
  • Bernadette Joyce Duque General de Jesus College
  • Aaron Erich Canon General de Jesus College
  • Ryza Gokesan General de Jesus College
  • Vea Mica Sicat General de Jesus College
  • Lance Gabrielle Mallari General de Jesus College
  • Rhenz Xyron Eleazar General de Jesus College


Education, Academic, Social, Emotional College Preparedness


The benefits of being college-ready include preparing students for academic achievement, easing the transition to college life, encouraging personal growth and development, enhancing job readiness, and encouraging fiscal responsibility. Students may maximize their college experience, accomplish their goals, and build a solid basis for their future efforts by being prepared. This study examines how Grade 12 ABM students perceive their college preparedness in terms of academic, social, and emotional skills. The descriptive research method was employed in the study, utilizing the theory of readiness, focusing on four key dimensions students need to master to be considered prepared for college. These are vital cognitive strategies, content knowledge, and transition knowledge skills. Besides these academic skills, the study looked into the social and emotional preparedness of the respondents, who were the 210 selected Grade 12 ABM students of General de Jesus College. The structured questions were used to gather data and identify and examine the respondents' preparedness for college. The selected Grade 12 ABM Students participated in this study. The overall findings disclosed that the respondents were well-prepared for college. This indicates that to be successful and adequately prepared for tertiary education, the respondents believed they had to develop mastery of specific skills, namely: academic skills, social skills, and emotional skills.

Moreover, they perceived that these skills would serve as their foundation for college. The results reveal that the respondents recognize and understand the crucial roles of college preparedness to attain their goals. These findings provide valuable insights into the factors that contribute to college success. By addressing the specific problems that students experience, this study can support future senior high school students to know and understand the skills they need to master and acquire a strong foundation for college life.