Struggles of Selected Grade 11 Students at General de Jesus College Due to Academic Stress and Pressure that Affects their Scholastic Performance


  • Lara Sophia Verde General de Jesus College
  • Asstel Jolle Yago General de Jesus College
  • Mariella Ann Calimlim General de Jesus College
  • Jilliane Reyes General de Jesus College
  • Breanna Jamela Lhei Emas General de Jesus College
  • Jag Gatchalian General de Jesus College


Education, Academic, Stress, Pressure, Academic Performance


Researchers frequently provide an effective, commendable, and efficient research study. Despite the studies often provided, this problem remains prominent these days. This study explored students' problems due to academic stress and pressure and how it affects their educational performance. Ten were interviewed in this study from the Senior High School Department of General de Jesus College. To acquire accurate and specific information regarding this issue, phenomenological qualitative research design was used, and data was collected through semi-structured interviews accompanied by audio recorders, in which the respondents were selected through a purposive sampling technique. This paper discusses how students experience various struggles due to academic stress and pressure. Students reported that workload is the main reason for their stress and pressure and that they struggle with most by having sleepless nights. Most of the positive effect of this issue on the student is having high grades, while the adverse effect is low grades. Handling stress and pressure is by ranting to friends and social media, and the advice they give to other students is that they should have proper time management to handle stress and pressure effectively. The results contemplated the struggles encountered by the students due to academic stress and pressure. They emphasized the need for guidance regarding stress and pressure to maximize and handle certain situations.