Knowledge and Understanding of Senior High School Students of General de Jesus College on Sexuality Education


  • Roshen Anne Gonzales General de Jesus College
  • Mariane Villas General de Jesus College
  • Jianne Lorraine dela Cruz General de Jesus College
  • Margaret Abby Fuertes General de Jesus College
  • Elcid Castillo General de Jesus College


Education, Sex Education, understanding, Knowledge


Due to the widespread misconception that sex education encourages students to engage in sexual activity, it is a complex subject to integrate into the curriculum. Its goals are to educate and learn about the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social elements of sexuality. This study aims to identify the knowledge and understanding of the respondents regarding sex education and how their level of knowledge influences their decision-making regarding sexuality. The descriptive method of research was used, applying social cognitive theory. The study employed simple random sampling to assess the level of knowledge and understanding of the respondents without biases. The questionnaire was administered to three hundred (300) Senior High School students at General de Jesus College. The results show that most respondents have an average knowledge and understanding of sex education. Therefore, their identities, values, morality, cultural and traditional beliefs, and the respondents’ physiological information towards sex education disclosed that these factors primarily affect how they respond to and understand the topic of sex education, resulting in moderate knowledge and understanding. The results demonstrate the need of the respondents to develop further a deep knowledge and understanding regarding Sex Education that goes beyond only disseminating information about dangers, reproduction, and diseases by, including addressing constructive relationships and more enormous societal and gender implications on sexual and reproductive health, as well as happy sexuality and relationships, with a focus on acquiring life skills.