Academic Weight Caseload: An Evaluation of Its Effects on the Sleeping Patterns of Senior High School Students in General de Jesus College


  • Eliziah Balagtas General de Jesus College
  • Axel Iverson Antonio General de Jesus College
  • Judd Axel Wycoco General de Jesus College
  • Lea Samantha Roxas General de Jesus College
  • Jervy Soneja General de Jesus College


Education, Academic Weight Caseload, Sleeping Patterns, Physical Health, Mental Health, Academic Performance, Interventions


Academic workload is considered one of the main stressors for high school students, as it has been shown to account for the less sleep they make. Hence, this study examines the effects of academic and extracurricular workloads on students' sleeping patterns and physical and mental health. This study used the descriptive method, utilizing the Cognitive Function Theory of Sleep, concentrating on how the sleeping patterns, physical and mental health, and academic performance of senior high school students of General De Jesus College were affected by their academic weight caseload. Structured survey questionnaires were given to three hundred (300) senior high school students chosen through simple random sampling. Most respondents stated that their sleeping patterns, physical and mental health, and academic performance were highly affected by the academic workloads, including quizzes and examinations, assignments, recitations and oral reports, and performance tasks. Due to these workloads, most of their time was spent on school work, primarily interfering with their sleep. The results indicate the need for the respondents to find the most efficient solution, effective time management so as not to hamper their sleeping time. Moreover, teachers must take effective interventions by only providing academic assignments that their students can fulfill to prevent students from being submerged in work.