Challenges Encountered by Selected Grade 11 GAS Students of General de Jesus College in Blended Learning and Its Impact on Their Academic Performance


  • Jhaniena Mendoza General de Jesus College
  • Danier Luis Dimaano General de Jesus College
  • Renzo Barutu General de Jesus College
  • Alexander Tuibeo General de Jesus College
  • Achilles Gonzales General de Jesus


Education, Challenges, Blended Learning, Adjustment, Low Grades, Attending Classes


The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted education in the Philippines, leading to implementing a blended learning program. However, blended learning brought different challenges that students encountered and affected their academic performance. This study aimed to present the challenges faced by GAS 11 students at General De Jesus College in the new form of learning, its effect on their academic performance, and how they handled the challenges encountered. A phenomenological type of research was utilized in this study. A total of ten (10) selected grade 11 GAS students of General de Jesus College are experiencing challenges in blended learning. According to the results, 1.1) the majority of the respondents who encountered challenges based on age were 17 and 1.2) in gender, the majority are male. Three (3) challenges they encountered identified a lack of adjustment, distraction, and a lack of socializing, which can affect their academic performance. Three (3) impacts are having low grades, poor understanding of the lesson, and missing activities. Four (4) students handle challenges to improve their academic performance by attending classes, contemplation, self-discipline, and time management. The adjustment was identified as the most common challenge in blended learning; other challenges are distraction and a lack of socializing. As a result, the respondents faced challenges such as low grades, poor understanding of the lesson, and missing activities, along with the strategies employed to cope with the challenges and their impact by attending classes, doing activities when they have free time, self-discipline, and time management.