Development of Natural Eco-Friendly Lip Balm


  • Reign Azzel Mendoza General de Jesus College
  • Jessa Mae Pascual General de Jesus College
  • Stephanie Manlapaz General de Jesus College
  • Shane Rose Santiago General de Jesus College
  • Jeremy Pablo General de Jesus College
  • Coleen Joice Limbo General de Jesus College
  • Jerald Bernabe General de Jesus College
  • John Aries Valencia General de Jesus College
  • Nicole Corbilla General de Jesus College


Education, Production, Clinical Evaluation, Natural Lip Balm


People who use lip balm regularly choose their own preferences in lip cosmetics disregarding many factors and only considering the product's availability. However, many studies have detected many problems, such as getting skin allergies and bringing adverse effects on the environment by using chemically-produced lip balms. In this study, we present the development of natural and eco-friendly lip balm with the sole purpose of ensuring the user’s safety and for the betterment of the environment. A multiple-method design was used. Using a descriptive developmental design, we conducted online survey questionnaires with the Senior High School students of General de Jesus College, and 100 students responded to our structured questionnaires. Purposive sampling was also used as the selected sample who answered the criteria the researchers were looking for. After conducting an online survey through Google Forms, the researchers found that all our respondents use lip balm. The majority of our respondents use lip balm every day, and most were in favor were open to the discussion of developing an organic type of lip balm rather than a chemically-produced one. Most did not experience any harmful adverse effects from using lip balm.

Furthermore, the responses showed that they prefer to use lip balm in a biodegradable container. The researchers have found out that natural eco-friendly lip balm is preferred by many people more than a chemically-based one. The study shows that many lip balm users also consider their safety while using such lip cosmetics and the benefits that an organic lip balm can contribute to the environment. The study shows why developing a natural and eco-friendly lip balm is necessary and significant.