A Phenomenological Study on Challenges Encountered by Selected Grade 11 HUMSS Students at General de Jesus College Due to Absenteeism


  • Mariz Aliana Dayao General de Jesus College
  • Julius Lapuz General de Jesus College
  • Marc Joshua Cervantes General de Jesus College
  • Crystal Jade Avenido General de Jesus College
  • Markey Mallare General de Jesus College
  • Aaron Clyde Miranda General de Jesus College


Education, absenteeism, health-related matters, poor lesson comprehension, missed classwork, seeking help, starting early


Academic achievement is affected by various factors at the upper secondary level of education. Higher attendance is an immediate indicator of student academic development since poor attendance rates are associated with poor academic achievement. This study aimed to identify the challenges that the chosen Grade 11 HUMSS students at General de Jesus College faced due to absenteeism. The study included the causes of absenteeism and the strategies students employed to keep up with missed assignments or classwork. The phenomenological method of research was employed in the study. Ten (10) selected Grade 11 HUMSS students from General de Jesus College took part in the study, with several absences ranging from 10 to more than the number mentioned above of school days. Based on the findings, three (3) reasons were identified for absenteeism, which are (1) health, (2) family, and (3) motivation-related matters. Due to absenteeism, most respondents encountered problems such as poor lesson comprehension and missed classwork. To keep up with their missed class tasks, and assignments, most of them mentioned that seeking help and starting early was how they managed and dealt with it. The results of this study demonstrated how the underlying reasons for absenteeism significantly impact students' academic achievement at school. The respondents' challenges are primarily associated with the methods by which they coped with the challenges they encountered while establishing strategies for these concerns.