Digital Age: An Analysis of the Influence of ICT in Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) Strand to Grade 11 and 12 HUMSS Students in General de Jesus College


  • Irish Tan General de Jesus College
  • Mark Lander Mangilit General de Jesus College
  • Angeline Catalan General de Jesus College
  • John Carlo Fernando General de Jesus College
  • Nigel Kent Ovilla General de Jesus College
  • Benj Patrick Ramos General de Jesus College


Education, digital learning, communication skills, technology


In this age, students are avid users of digital learning. Hence, they must acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in applying ICT to sustain lifelong learning. This study tries to examine the various strategies employed by ICT teachers to enhance the skills of the students in Information and Communication Technology. This study utilized the descriptive method through contemporary educational theory to examine the influence of ICT on senior high school students in the Humanities and Social Sciences strand at General de Jesus College. It mainly focused on 185 senior high school students. The structured questions served as the basis for the survey questions. The results indicate that the strategies employed by ICT teachers in facilitating and enhancing the knowledge and skills of the students on the use of Google Apps, teaching ICT lessons, ICT tasks, educational motivation, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and academic achievements highly influence the learning of the respondents. The findings show that the ICT teachers effectively enhanced the respondents’ learning in communication, collaboration, and resource sharing, resulting in improved student learning outcomes. The study also revealed that the ICT strategies used by teachers to improve the student's skills were perceived as effective and yielded positive learning outcomes.