Handmade Customized Crochet Cover of Aqua Flask Water Container


  • Mark Ryan Bautista General de Jesus College
  • Ara May Lucena General de Jesus College
  • Jaemiel Fernandez General de Jesus College
  • Lorelane Chiuco General de Jesus College
  • Zandra Mariel Villareal General de Jesus College
  • Clarisse Santos General de Jesus College
  • Lyndsay Ann Gwyneth Pablo General de Jesus College
  • Huie Rylle Jose General de Jesus College
  • Alyster Luis Czar Sarmiento General de Jesus College


Development studies, crochet cover


Water bottles have grown in popularity as people have become more concerned about the environment and the importance of staying hydrated. However, there are few opportunities for customization, and most water bottles have conventional designs. Here's where handmade customization comes in. Water bottle coverings created from handmade crochet add a special, personalized touch while serving practical purposes like insulation and defense. Both a descriptive approach and a developmental method of research were used in the methodology of our study, which was designed using both of these approaches.

Additionally, the researchers used purposive sampling, and the 100 Senior High School students of General De Jesus College who participated in the study were given a set of questionnaires to collect the data required for the suggested product. This study discovered that Senior High School students in General De Jesus College frequently have problems with their Aqua flask water bottles, including the weight and scratch-proneness of the container. Researchers made a custom crochet cover for their water bottle container as a solution. The personalized cover gives their daily gear a personal touch and offers features like insulation and scratch prevention. The results of this study indicate that hand-made customization of commonplace items offers functional advantages and can enhance the user experience as a whole. The results stated that there is a need to develop a handmade crochet cover for the Aqua flask water container since Senior High School students frequently have problems with their Aqua flask, specifically to avoid scratches. And lastly, the findings of this study suggest that customizing everyday objects by hand has positive benefits.