Developing a Web-App Expense Tracker System Using Simple Programming Languages


  • Jerson Angelo Bautista General de Jesus College
  • Michael Charlie Pingol General de Jesus College


Computer science & engineering, Developing Expense Tracker, Programming Languages


Managing funds and accounting has been a severe challenge for a long time. Until recently, the only answers were spreadsheets and checkbooks, but individuals are now less inclined to utilize them. The goal of this research is to assess the effectiveness and usability of the expense tracker system. This study was conducted using experimental research design by the researchers to assess the usefulness and accuracy of a web-application expense tracker in tracking financial aspects such as budget, income, and expense. The experimental research design is suited for this study since the researchers will be testing the web application's performance in auditing the user's financial situation. The results from this study showed that respondents are satisfied with the expense tracker features and functions but suggest improving its design and quality. Future studies should incorporate advanced features such as bank account linkage, internet transactions, and other functions. The research emphasizes simplicity, ease of access, and convenience, and the tracker is intended to be used in a workplace where items are expected to be stored snugly and neatly.