Digitalization of Canteen System as a Solution to Crowd Congestion in In-Person Classes


  • Jose Ishmael Lapus General de Jesus College
  • Joemar Lagat General de Jesus College
  • Lei Alessandra Ortiz General de Jesus College


Computer science & engineering, digitalization, canteen, crowd management


This study addresses the issue of crowd congestion in traditional canteen systems brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and proposes a solution through the digitalization of canteen operations. Despite attempts to regulate the flow of customers in General De Jesus College using a cafeteria system, significant crowd influx continues to be a problem. To mitigate this issue, the study developed a web application called "CTRL + Eat" that allows users to place orders online and reduce the physical presence of individuals in the cafeteria. An experimental-developmental research design was employed, and a CTRL + Eat WebApp simulation was conducted with twenty senior high school students. The findings indicate that the web application significantly reduced queuing and overall simulation time compared to traditional methods. The CTRL + Eat Web App demonstrated a 243.51% faster queue time inducing a 27.55% reduction in the total time spent on the buying process. Users perceived the web application as an effective solution for addressing crowd congestion and strongly supported its adoption. These results underscore the positive impact of technology-driven solutions in improving efficiency and customer satisfaction in canteen environments. Overall, the study concludes that the CTRL + Eat Web App is a viable and efficient solution for reducing overcrowding in canteens, particularly in the context of COVID-19. The digital canteen system ultimately offers a faster and more streamlined alternative to traditional canteen modalities.