Utilization of Bamboo Fibers and Bamboo Strips as an Additive Material in Making Concrete Hollow Blocks


  • Adrian Torres General de Jesus College
  • Kenneth dela Cruz General de Jesus College
  • Althea Maxine Casino General de Jesus College
  • Jhon Cedrick Quijano General de Jesus College


Civil engineering, Concrete Hollow Blocks, Bamboo Fibers, Strips


Various researchers in this field regularly test, observe, and develop potential materials for Concrete Hollow Blocks. In this study, the researchers explored the potential of Bamboo being an additive on Concrete Hollow Blocks to observe further Bamboo as an additive. The researchers used the authentic experimental research design that relies on statistical analysis to prove or disprove the hypothesis. The researchers used three ratios of Bamboo Strips and Bamboo Fibers to add on the Concrete Hollow Blocks, each with different curing periods. The specimens undergo different testing procedures for further analysis of the Concrete Hollow Blocks. The Concrete Hollow Blocks tested showed different results on different testing procedures. The results showed that the Concrete Hollow Blocks with Bamboo Fibers and Strips surpassed the passing value of the Standard Compressive Strength of Concrete Hollow Blocks. The results also showed that the different ratios of Bamboo Fibers and the amount and length of Bamboo Strips gradually affect the Compressive Strength of the Concrete Hollow Blocks. The researchers concluded that the Concrete Hollow Block gradually increases its effectiveness with the correct ratio of Bamboo Fibers and Bamboo Strips. The results also demonstrated the need to analyze further other potential materials that can increase their effectiveness and quality.