Effective Strategies of Milk Tea Shop Owners of San Isidro Nueva Ecija for a Successful Business


  • Khrizel Ann Bud Oy General de Jesus College
  • Jef Marcus Malgapo General de Jesus College
  • Jazmine Joy Ortiz General de Jesus College
  • Airiel Anne Sencilla General de Jesus College
  • Heart Avelino General de Jesus College
  • Jhan Ahmiel Talens General de Jesus College


Business, Strategies, Profit, Owner's


Effective strategies are the primary thing business owners do, especially in milk tea shop businesses. Milk tea shop owners have unique, practical strategies to apply to their businesses. That is why this study aimed to determine the effective strategies of milk tea shop owners for acquiring and keeping customers and how it helped them gain profits. The researchers employed a descriptive-qualitative research approach and used a semi-structured interview and audio recording to gather data from the respondents, where the researchers prepared interview questions for the respondents to answer. A total of 8 milk tea shop owners were interviewed from San Isidro, Nueva Ecija, using a purposive sampling technique. This study showed that four respondents claimed that sales and promotions were the techniques necessary to grow the company; the remaining four fall into the categories of internet advertising, distinctive products, and innovation. Three respondents mentioned that their profit increased because they had more customers and because of digital marketing/online advertising. Fifteen percent of the profit came from milk tea. The rest stated that the profit depends on everyday sales. Based on the results, Most respondents are using different strategies, such as Sales and Promos as well as Online Advertising which helps their businesses become known and increase the number of customers.